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Ellie Parker
Halloween is almost upon us – the pumpkins are being carved, ghosts are choosing their prey and the eco-tastrophes are looming. This week, we have explained some of the problems with poltergeists and offered some advice on how to defend your dwelling against the terrifying effects of a poltergeist attack.
Ellie Parker
With Halloween fast approaching, it is easy to get caught up in the horror of it all. But sometimes the things that go bump in the night aren’t as sinister as you might think – and it’s unfair to blame everything on poltergeists.
Ellie Parker
Everyone gets spooked on Halloween. We’ve all heard the noises – the groaning of floorboards, the sinister whir of the wind, that inexplicable thud in the loft space. The problem with poltergeists is they tend to have a fondness for cold, dark spaces – and your loft could be the perfect living environment on All Hallows’ Eve.
Ellie Parker
Halloween is just four days away and all manner of ghouls are preparing to disrupt your energy consumption. Are you prepared to defend your dwelling?
Ellie Parker
October 31st is fast approaching and this Halloween we have some tips on how to protect your home from the effects of this haunted holiday! Over the next week, we will be bringing you the perils of All Hallows’ Eve and providing a contingency plan to counteract the ‘eco-tastrophes’ that can potentially lie in its wake.
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