Consultancy Services

We offer a bespoke consultancy service tailored to your situation. From energy efficiency and ECO scoring to housing stock management and software integration, our consultants are equipped to help you achieve your goals. 

Services include but are not limited to:

Energy Data Management (Housing Stock)

Our consultants provide support in a number of areas around the effective and useful management of energy data.

Software Integration

AutoAssessorPRO is a web service used to calculate the energy efficiency of housing stock. However, this software must work through an integrator. Our consultants will explain the integration process, work with you to adjust to the changeover and, where necessary, offer support after the event.

Data Import

There are a number of situations where additional data is needed to be processed through a calculation engine, including:

  • RdSAP data in another accreditation scheme‚Äôs format
  • Gas maintenance data (including use of specific boiler efficiencies)
  • Capital or responsive works data such as wall insulation or glazing replacement

We are able to create set records to any specific dataset level which will be consistent with your energy management software and ensure it is able to produce a result with the best available data.

Data Cleansing

Without reliable data it is impossible to confidently make plans for stock improvements. NES consultants can, in conjunction with the end user, review data to ensure that: 

  • All records produce a result
  • Data is reviewed for potential inconsistencies
  • Defaulted or missing data (such as wall construction, insulation or boiler efficiency) is identified and included in the assessment. 

A full report on the findings of the data cleansing process will be provided, identifying the impact of the changes on average SAP ratings and carbon emissions. Corrected or changed information can then be updated in your dataset and imported into your asset management system.

Data Analysis 

This includes but is not limited to stock profiling, forecasting and manipulation of data.


Getting good quality data is only the starting point. The next step is to analyse the current stock characteristics, confirm they are an accurate reflection of the properties under management and look at improvement options. With limited budgets it is vital to assess options for the stock and assess their impact (and associated costs). 

Reporting on stock can provide: 

  • A summary of the energy characteristics of the stock
  • An evaluation of potential improvement options and their impact on the energy rating, fuel poverty and carbon emissions
  • The ability to review the stock for potential funding sources such as ECO, FIT or RHI. 

ECO Scoring

NES is committed to helping energy suppliers meet their ECO targets. The NES ECO Online scoring tool is designed to provide Ofgem approved ECO cost and carbon scores which, in turn, are used to suggest and implement energy efficiency improvement measures for UK housing. Our ECO consultants are experts in their field and can provide consultancy services in the following areas:

  • ECO Recommendations
  • ECO Compliance
  • Batch Processing
  • Software Integration

NES ECO Online is a standalone website; however, the calculation engine can be integrated into other systems. Our consultants will explain the integration process, work with you to adjust to the changeover, and, where necessary, offer support after the event. 

Other Projects

Our consultants have a wide breadth of knowledge across the fields of energy efficiency, data management and software solutions. 

To find out how our consultants could help you, please call 01908 442244 or email to discuss your needs.

Pricing Policy

We maintain a clear pricing policy whereby, once we have defined the work required, we provide a fixed price against an agreed schedule.